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Robert Meredith
Marietta, GA 

311 Old Trace Rd
Marietta, GA 30064 

For over 50 years Robert Meredith has been mastering his craft. Beyond traditional oil on canvas he is arguably one of the worlds leading artists in the field of Trompe L'oeil.
He expands the traditional relationship between a painting and its frame, blurring the distinction by treating them both as a part of the same seamless illusion. His paintined objects exist life-size in the viewers space - making for a fictive cabinet or window.
Trompe L'oeil is an art technique that involves hyper-realistic imagery that creates an illusion of three dimensional space on a two dimensional plane. His cleverly painted works confound viewers as he "Fools their eyes"
His work hangs in prominent private and public collections across America and abroad. He has been represented for years by many of New York City's finest galleries.

Scarlett Jimison
Atlanta, GA

3650 Tuxedo Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305 

Specializing in children's portraits, Scarlett Jimison captures the spirit of a child in as few brush strokes as possible.
"As an artist . . . I want to caputure a child in a painintg. As a whole! Not a static portrait or the split second of their life in a photograph but the pose, mannerism, gesture or grin that makes them who they are.
When I see a child I hone in on the little exaggerated characteristics that make them unique.
A red ear or fingertip. Big doe eyes (like my nephews) or freckles scattered across a nose.
I find myself painting the details of their hands and feet last because that is my favorite.
A "Head Shot" is my interpretation of how I see your child. Capturing them with as few brush strokes as necessary to say what I have to without overstating it.
A true painting is something that you find yourself saying "I could look at this for the rest of my life"